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Sensitometry of Photographic Emulsions and a Survey of the characteristics of plates and films of American Manufacture

Published 1922

For several years the Bureau of Standards has been conducting tests and measurements of the characteristics of photographic light-sensitive materials. The ultimate object of the investigation is to standardize methods and the necessary conditions for testing these materials. At the present time workers in this field are using different standards, with the result that the data obtained are not directly comparable. It is hoped that this work will lead to the standardization that is so much needed.

Volume Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards, Vol. 18, p. 1-120 (1922) Scientific Paper 439 (S439)
Publisher National Bureau of Standards
Pages 130
Possible copyright status Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards is a publication of the U.S. Government. The papers are in the public domain and are not subject to copyright in the United States. However, please pay special attention to the individual works to make sure there are no copyright restrictions indicated. Individual works may require securing other permissions from the original copyright holder.
Language English
Call number QC 1 .U52 v.18 1922/23 c.2
Digitizing sponsor NIST Research Library
Book contributor NIST Research Library
Collection NBSScientificPapers; NISTresearchlibrary; fedlink; americana


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